Evagelos II – Catamaran


Evangelos II Catamaran is the largest of our boats. Seating up to 100 passengers we are one of the largest in Chania.

The boat offers two floors with a selection of seats both in the sun and the shade, 2 toilets and a shower. The downstairs lounge is equipped with tables and chairs and a bar with light refreshments.

Full safety and snorkelling equipment available for every passenger.

Evagelos II is by far the best choice for a swimming and snorkeling trip. With space, knowedge and experience, we will give you a trip to remember!



This trip is by far the best swimming trip in Chania. We first sail you to the famous National Park, Theodorou Island (Kri-Kri Island,) where you can spot a wild Kri-Kri or even a sea turtle.


On the way, enjoy the magnificent views of Chania its surroundings. Listen to the history from our tour guide and take fantastic photos of the old Venetian Fortress.


The first swimming top is in a small protected bay with crystal clear waters. Use our free snorkelling equipment to view the sandy ocean floor and tropical fish.


Our experienced diver will try to catch octopus and other wildlife and bring them on board for people to touch, hold and take pictures.


The second swimming stop is at the wreck of a sunken German aircraft that was shot down in WW2. At just 5 metres deep it is completely visible for even beginner snorkeler’s.


The third and final swimming stop is at Lazaretta Island where there is a beautiful sandy beach. Swim, snorkel or simply relax on the beach before heading back to Chania Old Harbour.

Evagelos II - Catamaran Glass Bottom Boat

3.5 Hour Trip
15€ Kids 7,5€ - Under 5's FREE

Trip 1
(Tues, Thurs & Sat only)

Evagelos II - Catamaran Glass Bottom Boat

3.5 Hour Trip
20€ Kids 10€ - Under 5's FREE

Trip 2

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Evangelos - Catamaran for a boats trip in Chania