Theodorou Island (Kri-Kri-Island)


Theodorou Island (also known as Kri-Kri Island) is a small inhabited island, of about 697 acres, which is home to a number of the protected Kri-Kri (wild goats) of Crete.

It was decided in 1930 to make the Island a National Park and in 1935 a greek man by the name of ‘Theodoros Viglis’ caught one male and one female kri-kri from the famous Samaria Gorge. They were released onto Theodorou Island to begin breeding. There are now hundreds of protected Kri-Kri living on the Island.

The Island is closed to the public and only opened one day a year (8th June) where people are allowed onto the Island to celebrate.

At the West of Theodorou are the ruins of a small castle. This is one of two fortresses that were built in 1583 by the Venetians only to be destroyed in 1645 when the Turks invaded.

There are many tales regarding the creation of Theodorou and its smaller sister island – Glaronisi. The most popular being that in early Christian times the island did not exist at all. One day, residents saw a huge monster and its baby approaching Chania with its mouth wide open ready to attack. After many prayers, Saints petrified this monster creating the island.

Theodorou also offers the famous and very popular snorkeling spot of the wreck of a WW2 German aircraft. This Junker 52 was shot down during World War II and has remained there since.