Lazaretta Island


Lazaretta is an Island located approximately 1200 metres from the beach of Nea Hora. It is a small Island measuring only 200 x 70 metres.

Lazaretta holds a long history associated with Chania starting in 1952 when the Island was used as a place of quarantine for leprosy victims.
In the 17th Century a quarantine building was put together on the Island but in 1645, when the Turks invaded, Lazaretta was destroyed and used as a base for cannons used in an attack against Chania City.

Today, a small part of this building measuring 25 metres long and 7 metres wide, is still visible.

On the Island is a small white chapel in honour of St Nicholas. St Nicholas is known as the patron of sailors, protecting everybody at sea.

In the 1950’s Lazaretta was used as a starting point for swimming races which ended in Chania Harbour in front of the Port Authorities.

Today Lazaretta is enjoyed by swimmers, a few small fishing boats and of course boat trips. It is known as one of Chania’s best snorkelling spots.