1 Hour Trip

1 hour main

1 Hour Trip

This trip sails you out of the harbour and to the left about 700 meters to ‘Lazaretta Island’.

On the way, explore the underwater world through the glass bottom and enjoy the views of Chania’s mountains and its surrounding beaches. Listen to the history of Chania from our friendly tour guide.

Once at Lazaretta Island you have the option to stay inside the boat and watch the diver perform a magical fish show under the glass. Or, take advantage of our free snorkeling equipment and swim in the crystal clear waters with the tropical fish. If you don’t swim, simply relax at sea.

Our experienced diver will try to catch octopus and other wildlife and bring them on board for people to touch, hold and take pictures.

On the way back, small children (and the big ones!) have the opportunity to drive the boat and have their photo taken with the captain.

To finish the trip, take close up pictures of the lighthouse & city and listen to the history of the Old Venetian City before returning back to the harbour.

Price: 10€
Departure Times: 11:00 | 12:15 | 13:30 | 15:00 | 16:30 | 18:00 | 19:30 (Sunset)

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