Sunset Trip


Sunset Trip

For an unforgettable end to your day or a romantic trip with your loved ones, join us on our fantastic sunset trips, available on all boats every day.

Leaving from Chania Old Harbour, enjoy music, fresh fruit and raki while we sail you to Lazaretta Island. We will stop at Lazaretta just in time for you to view the magnificent sunset behind Theodorou Island, creating fantastic photo opportunities.

Snorkelling equipment is still available for those who wish to swim at this magical time of the day.

After viewing the sunset, we start our journey back to Chania. Take in the views of the city at dusk and learn the history of Lazaretta and Chania from our friendly tour guide.

Enjoy more fresh fruit and even more Raki before the trip ends back in Chania.

(fruit and raki only available on trips with Evagelos II Catamaran)

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